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Jere Van Patten is an ariZoni, Goldy, ANNIE, and Amazon award-winning actor and director represented by the Leighton Agency.  His most recent directing projects include: Bye Bye Birdie; A Midsummer Night's Dream; and Footloose (NYA Award) for Mountain View High School,  Seussical the Musical for East Valley Children's Theatre, and Charley's Aunt for Hale Centre Theatre.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a Masters Degree in Education, and is currently working toward his second Masters Degree in Theatre Direction. 


Valley theatres he has worked with include Phoenix Theatre, Southwest Shakespeare Company, East Valley Children's Theatre, Hale Centre Theatre, Theatre Works, Desert Foothills Theatre, Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre and others. 


Jere is the Fine Arts Director at American Leadership Academy's Queen Creek High School  He lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife Allyson, and three MVP's: Maggie (15), Max (14), and Mayzie (11).

About Jere

From the Critics

Beau Jest, Hale Centre Theatre
Talkin' Broadway, Gil Benbrook
Review found here.

Sherman's script does include a few corny one-liners but there are some very funny parts and a great heart at the center of this story and the characters are all realistic enough and the dialogue not only funny but carefully constructed as well.  Director Jere Van Patten keeps the pacing fast and doesn't allow his cast's portrayals of the somewhat stereotypical characters to cross the line into caricature.  he also stages the show very effectively in Hale's intimate in-the-round space, ensuring that no matter where you sit you never feel left out of the action.  With a great cast, solid direction and perfect creative touches, Hale Centre Theatre's production is instantly relatable to everyone who has ever had an overreaching parent or relative; the end result is a comic delight. 


The Addams Family, Desert Stages Theatre

Broadway World, Herbert Paine

Review found here.

In the close quarters of Desert Stages Theatre's Mainstage, certain aspects of a work may stand out more clearly than they would in a cvernous auditorium.  I'm not talking here about the conspicuously layered shades of makeup or the occasional missteps of a dancer or a momentary optical trespass beyond the fourth wall.  It is more that, when you're closer to the action, nuances of theme, character, and emotion may reveal themselves and the connection between audience and players may be more intimately sealed.

So it is that in DST's current production of The Addams Family, the audience may become more tuned in that ever to the love stories and the morals that are wrapped up in this crazy musical comedy.  On this score, credit goes to director, Jere Van Patten, who has put the fun into the funereal, and to his spirited cast of ghoulsters.

12 Angry Jurors, Toro Theatre Company
Broadway World, Emily Noxon
Review found here.

In the current political climate, it is important to find a voice through art.  In this superb production of 12 Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose, the young cast navigates the reality of racism, crime, and reasonable doubt with wisdom beyond their years.  Each cast member brings a unique authority to their character and the action is thrilling to watch.

The direction, by Jere Van Patten, is brilliant.  He has allowed the actors to shine as individuals and as a diverse group.  As the audience watches the action unfold, one cannot help but think how they would handle the situation and if they would stand up for what is right.  There are several moments where the audience is left breathless, waiting for the next revelation.  12 Angry Jurors is thrilling from beginning to end and is not to be missed.

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